Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The MASK Store... I mean MAC Store

I worked for MAC Cosmetics in my early days as a professional makeup artist in the states, so I was excited about visiting the MAC store in Kuwait. I promise you, I'm no hater when it comes to another artists techniques, but jeez! I was in a state of shock upon entering the store at the Avenues. I can understand wearing a little more coverage if your feeling a little insecure or perhaps a bit more pimply. But DANG! Some of those girls working there looked like they were wearing skin-toned kabuki masks! And not in a pretty way. Punched up blush? Sure, I'm for a little more sometimes, but PUNCHED-ON, unblended blush that goes way down to your jaw line doesn't look good on anyone. I was really expecting to see more polished looking staff working there since MAC is a cool and trendy cosmetic line.

I was very disappointed to see the poor counter practices, which means in the states, poor sanitary habits. Typically, when eye shadows are displayed for public sample, the potential customers should be encouraged to use disposable cotton swabs when trying on eye colors. There were none present. When hundreds of women circle their dirty fingers on all those pretty eye shadows... hello? Germs form. Oil from skin contaminates eyeshadow and you can usually recognize when bacteria is present by looking at the condition of the makeup. The surface looks spotted and or bumpy and it will have a ring of discoloration. It is time to trash the makeup when it looks like that! Styes and pink eye are highly contagious. If you're going to get your makeup done at ANY cosmetic counter, pay attention to the state of the cosmetics you're sampling, if the the artist uses spatulas, hand sanitizer and clean makeup brushes. INSIST on cleanliness and demand they open new samples if necessary.


Desert Girl said...

The concept of hygiene isn't the same in this part of the world.

If you think the make-up hygiene is bad, you probably wouldn't want to eat at a buffet in Kuwait. Same methodology.

I have never been truly disgusted by buffets before I saw grown women eating from a chaffing dish.

Butterfly on the Wall said...

Aw man, DG! Thanks for the visual ;-P That's nasty! I'm a bit of a germaphobe, but I happen to like buffets. Which is why I try to be the first one in the place. If I'm not there when it opens, I don't eat there.

After seeing that makeup counter I see how one can get pink eye and or staph infections here. It made me think of you. I hope your eye is all better now.