Sunday, June 27, 2010

Pity Pots Cost A Lot

I've decided to get off my pity pot. Feeling sorry for myself wastes too much time. Nothing has been going my way and I'm used to controlling everything. Being in Kuwait has forced me to be patient. I've fallen in the shower (I got so mad that I just showered with the curtain and rod on the floor) Burned my head with a curling iron (Nothing a little makeup can't fix) and we lost the apartment that we wanted. The guy gave it to someone else because we didn't put any cash down. Lesson 1 learned: See a flat you want, put money down. In Kuwait, it's all about the cash. After boo-hooing, snapping at the husband and having a couple of "pajama" days, my ass( or is it my ego?) is hurting from this damn pity pot... either way, I've been acting like an ass and I'm tired of being pathetic. I'm in a brand new country, yes. It's a little scary, yes. But I am with my husband and that's the most important thing. We had a little pow wow session this weekend and we are focused on team "US"... back in the game... Back to square one with finding another apartment. But that's okay, it's not like we don't have a roof over our heads right now.


Anonymous said...

It is disappointing that you lost the apartment that you wanted, but it is good to recognize your blessings and that you walk away from this realizing that you've learned something, and not just lost. I hope that you the apartment that you love!