Friday, July 30, 2010

Honey, I'm Home!

Got the key to our new flat.  Mission accomplished!   We didn't end up renting  from the first very nice owner we met last month.  Things fell through... moving on.

Got a lovely flat in a corner villa with a beautiful garden to boot.  I'm relieved to finally settle in a place that I can decorate and call my own home while here in desert ville.  Now,  let's get to the business of shopping.  I hope I survive all the Ramadan madness sales.


Anonymous said...

Hey congratulations!! I'm glad you found a place with a garden.
Good Luck with the shopping and decorating!

Butterfly on the Wall said...

I do loves me a pretty garden. ;-)

UK Yankee said...

Hello! I came here from DG's blog. I'm moving to Kuwait next Friday to be with my hubby and I'm freaking out! I'm excited/scared/nervous/whatever. I'm so glad you guys found an apartment - that's first on our list! Hubby says he likes the look of Salwa? We'll see.
Anyway, please keep writing - and thank you for posting pictures!

Butterfly on the Wall said...

Hi and welcome UK! :-) Freaking out a bit is the norm here. After the initial shock and after shock(s) you will be okay. Friends like Desert Girl and LOL Girl have kept me sane. My email is at the top of this page if you ever want to chat. I'm still green (new) here but I some have veteran friends that can point you in the right direction if you need help.

Salwa is very nice... you will be among a lot of expats and plenty of shopping.