Saturday, July 10, 2010

Weekend Warriors

I got my feet wet... I mean, dusty this weekend. Went out with some friends and let this bitch kiss my husband.

Well, she stole a kiss actually, but he couldn't resist her advances. She's just so darn cute...

Me and the husband broke bread with Desert Girl, The Aggie and a new friend I'll call Star at the Muhallab at the Palms.

I had my first serving of Arabic coffee and it was OK tasting. A bit bitter and earthy. It smelled like myrrh. Not sure what's in it, but I'd try it again. The fish and rice dishes were delish! The tea after our meal was yummy yummy and I drank too much. I was scared to pour myself more tea since I was sitting right next to the hot coals the teapot sat on. I'm still all googly-eyed about the differences in culture, but find it fascinating and interesting none-the-less. The service was 5 star although the setting is comfy and cozy and very family friendly. I'm looking forward to going again.

The next day me and the husband went to The Avenues. I love, love, love P.F. Changs! We had a nice time shopping and browsing. Until... I had to go to the bathroom. I've already been to the restrooms in The Avenues and find the facilities very nice looking and well attended to. I like how there are plenty of stalls. There was another lady right behind me when I entered. I didn't turn to look at her at the time. All of the restrooms were occupied when I first came in, but after a few seconds, since I was first in line, I took the next available stall.

Without all the details of my business in the toliet... I was quick. I just thought I'd share this for details sake. As I was washing my hands and looking in the huge mirror that all the stalls have, I noticed that the desert air had gotten to my hair. OMG! I was looking like a mixture of Diana Ross and Chaka Khan in the 80's. My hair was twice as big as earlier because I had come outside with damp hair. No air drying here ladies. You need product and a blow dryer here! So anyway, I took a few moments to brush my mane. Then I felt the need to blot my makeup. I was humming along as I primped. Then some lady knocked on my door. I said, "Yes?" She replied rather rudely, "Are you finished?" My reply was, "What!? No!" Then I proceeded to take my merry-ass time... Re-brushing and re-touching my makeup. Who did she think she was rushing me? I don't think so. Afterwards, I opened the door and a woman wearing an abaya was standing right in the doorway. I stood standing there for a second and looked left, then right. And said, "It SURE looks like there's a lot of doors in here for you to be knocking on!" And went on my way... continuing to hum. I heard her suck her teeth and give a "Hmmn!" with righteous indignation. I was so annoyed.

I'm not sure if she was the one behind me when I came in. But if she was, why the hell did she try to rush me when all the other doors were occupied as well? Did she make assumptions about me? Do I look like someone who can be pushed around? Not this sistah. I do tend to change my looks often and can sometimes look exotic in the face. My style of dress is trendy/classy. Some people here have even approached me speaking Arabic when they speak English as well. I've been told that I look Native American, Egyptian, Indian. I descend from African and Native American... But who cares? I don't play that caste system shit here. I really didn't take that long in the bathroom. And even if I did, that would be my business. Shoot, I could have been doing a courtesy flush in there and needed more time, even though I didn't. The bottom line is that rude is as rude does. Be rude to me and I'll be just as snotty and self-righteous to you.


Desert Girl said...

Desert Dawg looks so dirty in that pic! She had just had a bath too. Time to call in the groomer!

"Star" is actually Slapperella. I'm going to have to change the other one to "Aggie" also.

I've never had anyone knock on the bathroom door in the Avenues; I'm usually the one doing the knocking because I have to pee so bad. :)

Let me know the next time you guys are going to PF Changs. I'm in!

Hey - what is your sanity level today? ;)

Butterfly on the Wall said...

Desert Dawg is cutie patootie! She has a lot of energy and vigor for her age.

You'll have to tell me how you came to the name Slapperella. And "Aggie" says that she prefers "The Aggie"... She donned the name herself.

Don't be knocking on my bathroom door! :-P
I could eat at PF Changs everyday!

My sanity level is high. My stomach, not so much. It was turned inside out last night. I ate like a pig. Won't do that again.

Anonymous said...

ok I have a rant about Avenues bathroom too, a regular, I have my favourite parking space, my regular eating places etc and yes my favourite bathroom ( it is usually quieter than others) well it WAS. Last time I went , after coming out of the cubicle and wanting to wash my hands I was taken aback to feel like I was in a dressing room for some theatre. In front of me stood a line of about 7 girls all dressed in black applying their make up and fixing their identical pinned up hair....wait a minute, they are all staff from a nearby I wait patiently thinking surely one of them will budge along to make way for me...ya think!! since when was this their personal dressing room!! I was mad and had to push my way in, they didnt bat an eyelid.
Ok I understand they may not have access to a staffroom....well get dressed at home!!
sorry for using your blog to moan but I needed to get this off my chest.

Anonymous said...

Didn't you know Kuwaities come first? Its an unspoken rule there in Kuwait unless you've been there for a long time and made several stands and they know they can't push you around. Even then they'll still attempt it. Good luck to you in Sunny SimLand!