Thursday, June 9, 2011

Drivin' Miss Lazy

After much consideration and being tired of being a stuck at home lazy bone, I finally decided to begin driving in Kuwait.  Actually, being a passenger has been kind of sucking for me.  Waiting for the husband to get home or taking a taxi has been "taxing".  The shady taxi drivers can be a rip off or a pain in the ass to negotiate prices with before getting in.  I've had a couple of regular drivers that have turned out to be huge disappointments because one turned out to be a greedy ass always trying to get more cash out of me and the other one kept sending drivers that didn't even speak English. I mean, this one dude didn't even understand, "Stop right here."  Last week, I literally feel out of the cab onto the street and skinned both knees because the idiot parked on a huge curb.  So, I'm glad to be done with  the taxi cab drama.  I know the husband is glad that I am not a "passenger seat driver" to him anymore either.  I'm always telling him watch out or slow down.

So today I drove to the Coffee Bean and went to a mall near my house all by myself.  No scratches, dents , cuts or bruises.  And  nobody got the wrath of my cuss out.  I told Spanks and she said I sounded excited like I just got my drivers license.  And I am.  I'm excited and cautious out here on these crazy roads.