Thursday, June 14, 2012

Out of My Cocoon

Yes!  That's right,  I'm back.  I took a break from blogging and sharing my life.  I'm still living in Kuwait, but with a whole new perspective.  Last year, it seemed to me that I was attracting all sorts of negative experiences here in the Middle East.  Sex crazed neighbors, getting lost after my GPS went out on my first driving experience, rude locals... and so on.

I needed to change what I was experiencing by expecting to see the good in Kuwait---and in people.  And since then, I've had some truly enlightening and positive experiences here.  From doing makeup for a member of the royal family, to learning how to bring myself back to my peaceful nature with meditation.

 Although I'm aware that there are some things that are truly wrong and unfair here; there are some beautiful things and people as well. Just like most of the world.

 I really took the time to allow God to work on my heart and open my mind to the brighter side...and that is what inspires me to write again.  If I have a negative experience, I'm sure  I'll share it, but I'm looking forward to sharing things that me smile.