Saturday, March 27, 2010

Spring Cleaning

For some reason on another spring is the beginning of my new year.  Perhaps it's because it's my birthday month or because it's precisely the time of year that the purple redbud trees in Georgia are the first colorful trees to wake up from their winter slumber.   Arguably, the massive white dogwood trees also let you know that spring has arrived, but color overall makes me feel alive.  

This is the month that I'm busy clearing the cobwebs from my garage and the cobwebs from my head.  I live by essential oils and aromatherapy.  Last week, while doing a few eyelash extension services, I concocted a cobweb clearing solution for the mind by adding 7 drops of Lavender oil, 3 drops of Clary Sage and 1 drop of Peppermint oil to my table top waterfall.   It's also a great recipe to add to an oil burner.  What a mood lifter!  Try it and let me know what you think.  I love new essential oil recipes and welcome any other creations.

Spring is also the time that I prune my trees and shrubs, dig in the dirt and am forced to tackle the weeds.   I'm an avid gardener.  Recently, I discovered that life is much like gardening.  In order for your life to flourish, you have to treat the weeds.  Sometimes pulling them up and out helps, but when the repeat offenders invade your space, hit them with a more permanent solution... and be done with them.  Digging up weeds is a great way to relieve stress and metaphorically get rid of the energy that you may have absorbed from an aggravating person or people in your life.   Be vigilant and don't be fooled.  There are all types of weeds out there.  Some have roots that run very deep and wide and will suck the life out of anything in the vicinity.  Then there's the chummy kind, that look pretty; masquerading as a delicate flower. And  need I remind you of the crabby kind that need no introduction because they always pop up smack dab in your face with their openly, rude intrusions?  Arm yourselves, and get ready this season.  Be ready and recognize the type of pesky weed you have in your zone.  I don't do weeds and neither should you.

My last and most fun spring ritual to do is to take my ivy, sedum or houseplant cuttings and honor them in a quirky resolutions pot.  Write down everything you want to change, or anything you want in the year to come.  Get a thin, permanent marker or paint and write every last word around the pot until there's no space left.  Get creative!   I paint clay pots over the winter and decorate them with crystals and bling and write things like:  Laughing really, really hard * Healthy Friends * Divine Presence* Room Service* Having My Prayers Answered* Perfect Timing* Watching Sunsets* A Trip to Venice* Letting Go Gracefully Without Regrets* Smiling Inside... These are a few actual things on my pots.  The nice thing is, as you water your new plant or cutting, you are metaphorically caring for your hopes and dreams.  I trust that if you do this, everything you write will come to fruition.  As my plants perk up, I will post some pictures for more ideas.  Until then, happy spring cleaning!