Friday, October 29, 2010

The Atlantis in Dubai

The hubby and I had the most wonderful time in Dubai.  We were so busy trying to do everything that I had to come back to home to Kuwait and take a vacation from my vacation.  We stayed at the Atlantis and flew in using Emeriates.  Let me just say that I love the purple colors on the plane.  The seats and aisles were more roomy and  I enjoyed the personal video monitor at my seat.  

It was so cool to watch the the front view (what the captain was seeing) and the belly aerial view of the flight.  We even got a meal even though the flight was just a little over an hour.  The flight was indeed more pricey than the other airlines, about $100 more per person.   But we wanted to ride in style and it certainly was an upgrade. 

The hotel entrance was classy looking, filled with sea shell and ocean themed pieces. 

 The first thing that grabs your attention is the enormous geyser fountain in the middle of the lobby. 

The decor and finish in every part of the hotel was grand.   With the sound of  the water fountains, to the aroma of essential oils and softly playing music;  the experience of strolling through the hotel was utterly relaxing.  

The outside views were just as amazing.  It was truly a five star experience as far as the overall appearance and upkeep of the hotel.  And the staff worked tirelessly and with a smile to keep every guest satisfied.

 The views outside were just as amazing and very well kept.  It was a royal experience.

The panoramic view from our room was a joy to see from the terrace.  It's hard to believe that this massive oasis was man-made.

We took a stroll at night on the walkway and discovered where the water park was located.  With a quick trip from the regularly running shuttles (about 5 or 10 minutes) we were off to our water world adventure.

 As a warning, the water park will cause you to have severe laughing spells.  Those with serious sticks up their butts should avoid this experience as you will be sure to have a good time.
I am happy to say that I took "The Leap of Faith".  This slide was awesome and scary and breathtaking fun.  I highly recommend it.
After feeling like a kid and lazing around a couple of days, we swam with the dolphins... err, actually, waded with a dolphin named Cathy in shallow water since I couldn't tread water for a half an hour in the deep end. We got to kiss, hug, play, pet and dance with Cathy.  This was a highlight for me as I truly love dolphins and their playful nature.

Although we only stayed for four days, we dined at a couple of restaurants in the hotel which were divine.  And even went out for a night on the town to dine at the Emirates Towers Vu restaurant which was truly a 5 star meal.   We also managed to visit the Burj Khalifa Tower which is 2,217 feet tall (828 meters). The tallest building in the world that was just completed this year.  The observation deck was way up there with clouds... literally!  I was so in awe of the towering height that my feet were tingling.  

Our short trip felt longer because we had so much fun.  I'm looking forward to going back soon.


Toomz said...

Not like I needed much convincing but you've talked me into staying in the Atlantis. Thanks for sharing all those photos.

I've been reading your archives and enjoyed them thoroughly. I hope you find the time to write more.

Butterfly on the Wall said...

Thank you Toomz. It makes me feel good to know that people are reading. I got on here to find other people who share and who remind me that I'm not crazy.

You will have the BEST time at the Atlantis... although, you can budget, it will probably fly out the window when you get there!