Sunday, September 26, 2010

Top ten things that trip me out in Kuwait

10.  Roasted  Camel... need I say more?

9.  Teased hair exposing extension tracks.

8.  Halloween...I mean, wedding makeup

7.  Clerks that follow you around the store to "help" but know NOTHING of the products that their selling.

6.  The special higher price for Americans at some retail locations.

5.  The blatant theft of intellectual property.  Using another company's actual logo or name. Such as: Facebook Cafe, Dior Salon, Best Buy, Batriq (using a turned to the right McDonald's M as their B)

4.  Little kids playing outside after midnight.  

3.  Five year old Bedouin boys selling nuts and candy at traffic intersections.

2. Niqab  wearing drivers that can't see peripherally and cause auto accidents.  AND it's my fault if  
    she hits my car! 

1.  Women who use 30 volume hydrogen peroxide to bleach their face and body. :-( That causes cancer! 
      Stop the madness and just continue to wear Kabuki white makeup instead.  


Teritius Fortune said...

You HAVE to post pictures of Facebook Cafe and teased hair showing tracks! I would pay to see those!

Butterfly on the Wall said...

I am SO working on adding more visuals...

ZERVAN said...

have you even seen a Roasted Camel In real life?
i have been living in kuwait all of my life never seen or experienced most of the stuff in your list,I guess things are different in your part of kuwait.

Butterfly on the Wall said...

Nope Zervan, can't say I have seen a roasted camel in real life. But the picture and recipe perplexed me none-the-less.

Since you have been living here all your life, I'm sure they're many things that you may not notice that an expat like me does. I have just begun to really venture out a bit since I've been here 3 months.

I'm sure in the months to come I will have many more things to speak about that I observe as a foreigner here. I do hope that I notice more positive things... unfortunately I haven't experienced a lot of positive things here.

Anonymous said...

I've been here all my life, and trust me, I have yet to experience "a lot" of positive things. Not to depress you or anything :) But your only choice is to just accept it should you choose to stay here.

Butterfly on the Wall said...

I'll stick to tolerating it and writing about the BS until it's time to go home.

So far, the best thing about being here is that it's relatively close to a bunch of fun countries that I plan to visit.